PROJECT: Riverside Branding

Riverside Brewery started out as a dream a couple of guys had over a beer. Unsurprising I guess, but that they saw the dream through from the months of lobbying to actually building the brewery was a great effort, cheers to that!

Adventure were called in early on to come up with a brand strategy, the guys had a few beers in mind; a Pale Ale, a Summer Ale and a heavy Indian at 7.7%!

Woah! And what's the Pale Ale going to be, 5.5%. And so step one; the naming convention: 44/55/66 oh we can't have 66, how about the Summer of 69, tick. Goes down easy, onto designing the logo, labels, packaging, posters, carton and website.

Together with a couple of guys Adventure has helped to launch one of the country’s most talked about boutique beer brands.